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50 Ton Ransome Turbine Rotor Turn Rolls

  • Part #: TURBINE50

50 Ton Ransome Turbine Rotor Turn Rolls

  • Models 50 PRM drive and 25 IPM idler roll
  • 50 ton (100,000 lb.) Micarta turbine rotor rolls
  • 8-32 inch shaft diameter range
  • Phenolic laminated Wheels
  • Variable frequency drives and motors
  • 50:1 AC variable speed drives
  • Pendant controls all functions
  • 1.3 – 63 IPM
  • Optional adjustable height sub-base risers.
  • Optional fixed base risers
  • Capacities from 50 to 250 ton
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • PDF of Specs

This Turbine Rotor Turning Rolls is a specialty turning rolls that is very cost effective when comparing them to other industry alternatives such as V-blocks. For example, steam and gas turbine rotors may be manipulated for sonic inspection and welding repair with the use of cranes only for mounting and unloading. Once turbines are placed on the 50 Ton Ransome Turbine Rotor Turning Rolls the operators may rotate them easily to preform desired procedures. The rolls have AV variable frequency drives and motors providing a wide range of rotation speeds. Hand pendants are standard with optional foot switch controls available. The 50 Ton Ransome rolls have a single fixed center-line setting which provides a wide diameter range to accommodate many different size turbine rotor shafts. The Phenolic wheels provide a hard, dense surface that will not mar the machine rotor journals. Lastly, the Micarta will not deflect and absorbs debris that can also damage the turbine rotor shafts.

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