Weld Plus carries a variety of new and used welding manipulators. Weld Plus will rebuild a unit to fit your needs. We will also upgrade your equipment to the latest and greatest technology.  Column and boom welding manipulators are a great addition to any shop which makes them perfect for all your pipe and tank welding applications.

The first number listed in the description of the equipment represents the maximum height while the second number listed is the maximum reach of the equipment. A description of 14 x 12 means that the maximum height of the equipment is 14 feet while the maximum reach of the piece is 12 feet. All new manipulators carry the manufacturer’s warranty.  All rebuilt machinery comes complete with a warranty as well as a satisfaction guarantee.

We pride ourselves on finding the perfect welding solution to fit your needs.  If you need help finding equipment,  give us a call or stop in and check out our inventory. We have a 44,000 square foot warehouse full of new and used welding equipment!  Weld Plus will also rent you a machine if you only need it for a specific job! Why wait?  Call today to find out how Weld Plus can streamline your work for increased productivity.