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72 Inch Jetline Longitudinal Welding Seamer

  • Part #: JET LWS72

72 Inch Jetline Longitudinal Welding Seamer

  • Model LWS-72
  • 78″ total clamping/welding length
  • Minimum part diameter capacity of 6.0″
  • Maximum part diameter capacity of 32″ (can be increased with a riser)
  • Gas purge back-up bar
  • Plate edge alignment devices
  • Variable speed carriage
  • Shown with optional welding equipment:
    • Jetline model 9027 weld sequence control
    • ALC-701 arc length control
    • CWF-50A cold wire feeder and a Miller Maxstar 350 TIG welding package with a water circulator and 500 amp TIG torch
  • Approximate Shipping weight 5,300 lbs.
  • Made In The USA
  • PDF of Specs

Available in lengths ranging from 36″ to 120″ 

72 Inch Jetline Longitudinal Welding Seamer System set up for GTAW welding process. Includes cold wire feeder, ALC Arc Length Control with a choice of a Jetline welding control or a Weld Plus Master PLC control. The Master control allows the welder or operator to set the welding parameters and carriage speed.

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