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Pandjiris Model 72 E630 72 inch External Seam Welder

  • Part #: S161003

Pandjiris Model 72 E630 72 inch External Seam Welder

  • 72″ welding length
  • 78” clamping length
  • 6″ – 56” external diameter capacity, with included 20 ½” riser
  • .020 – 3/8″ material thickness capacity
  • Lincoln Model TC-3 carriage .1 to 100 IPM variable speed
  • 3” wide aluminum fingers (No copper tips)
  • Water cooled mandrel
  • Pneumatic mandrel latch
  • Dual pneumatic foot pedals for clamping control
  • 90 PSI pneumatic air bags
  • Lincoln NA-3 saw controller
  • Lincoln manual 4” vertical torch adjuster
  • Serial # 800-2743-1
  • Shipping weight: 4,500 lbs.

This Pandjiris Model 72 E630 72 inch External Seam Welder features 78 inches of welding length.  Seamers are designed to manufacture seam welds by utilizing clamping and an automated weld carriage.  In addition, the aluminum fingers act as a heat sink which pull the excess heat energy away from the part. Therefore, the heat affected zone is minimized which reduces the risk of warping. The installed dual plate alignment devices make loading parts easy and precise. Lastly, this unit is available as it sits or it can be rebuilt by our service team.

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