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Lincoln DC-600 Power Supply

  • Part #: LIN DC-600
  • Condition: Used

Lincoln DC 600 Power Supply

  • 600 amps of DC welding output at 100% duty cycle
  • Processes: Submerged Arc, Stick, TIG, MIG and Arc Gouging.
  • Standard analog ammeter and voltmeter.
  • Full range output voltage control for easy operation and precise control.
  • 115V, 15 amps, duplex auxiliary power receptacle makes it easy to power lights, grinders and other shop tools at your work station.
  • 230/460 volts, 3-Phase
  • Complete Packages available!


The Lincoln DC 600 power supply provides 600 amps of DC welding output at 100% duty cycle. With a rugged construction and simple controls these machines are a sound investment for heavy duty shop applications. Add a multi-process switch for both semi-automatic welding and Stick/air carbon arc welding capabilities (Used switches are available at additional cost). The Lincoln DC-600 power supply is ideal for heavy submerged arc applications and can be used in conjunction with a Lincoln NA-3 or NA-5 wire feed system.

Lincoln DC 600 power supply
Lincoln DC 600 power supply
Lincoln DC 600 power supply

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