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Pandjiris Tanker 80/40 Turning Roll Set

  • Part #: PAN TANKER-80/40

New Pandjiris Tanker 80/40 Turning Roll Set

  • Model: TPR-80/ TIR-40
  • Set includes one drive and one idler
  • 8,000 lb. weight capacity per set
  • Tractive effort 396 lbs.  
  • Pipe diameter range of 4” to 144”
  • Variable speed range from 5 to 105 IPM
  • 12” wheel diameter with 10-7/8” combined wheel face
  • Height to top of wheels: 16″ and 26-11/16″
  • New 25’ Hand pendant control
  • Input power: 115 volt, 1-Ph
  • Shipping weight 825 lbs.

This Pandjiris Tanker 80/40 Turning Roll Set has solid state controls with dynamic braking on the rotation drives. The tankers are designed to meet the needs of the weld shop that handles a wide range of diameter sizes. Since there are no wheel adjustments for different diameters, they maintain a constant center line, providing a quick change over from one size work piece to another. These Pandjiris Tanker 80/40’s are in stock and ready to ship! 

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