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Pandjiris 48 Inch Used Seam Welder

  • Part #: S160702P

 Pandjiris 48 Inch Used Seam Welder

  • Model 48-E-4/
  • 48″ total welding length
  • 54” total clamping length
  • 4″ – 48” external diameter capacity with current 16” riser
  • 3” Wide individual fingers Aluminum hold down fingers
  • Dual pneumatic foot pedals for clamping control
  • Model 15-3 VSC rack and pinion carriage (3 to 116 IPM)
  • Pandjiris M-VSC Weld sequencer control
  • 4” manual Vertical slide
  • 3” Manual Horizontal slide
  • 4” Pneumatic torch lifter
  • 180 dgree Automatic water cooled mig gun
  • Water cooled mandrel
  • Plate alignment device
  • Miller S-64M Mig control and feeder
  • Miller Coolmate 4 water circulator
  • 115V/Pneumatic
  • Serial # 10502 E00
  • Shipping weight: 3,500 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions: 8 ‘ long x 4′ wide x 8’ high

This  Pandjiris 48 Inch Used Seam Welder is in very good condition.  This unit comes complete with a MIG welding Package. Seam welders like this are designed to perform quality seam welds by providing clamping, cooling, and a backing surface on which to weld. By having a clamping device that holds the sheet material near the welded seam, the material has little room to move and twist out of position while the seam is being welded.

The fingers act like a heat sink which provides a means to pull the excess heat energy away from the part to minimize the heat affected zone (HAZ) thus reducing the risk of warping the material from heat. Additionally the backing bar provides a means of cooling the seam while also providing the necessary support under the seam to permit the welding process to run hotter without burning holes in the base material. In most cases this allows a welding procedure to be used which results in a full penetration weld.


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