Pandjiris Flat Sheet Seamer


Pandjiris Flat Sheet Seamer


Pandjiris Flat Sheet Seamer

About the project

In 2024, our service team restored this Pandjiris Flat Sheet Seam Welder for a customer in the industrial fabrication industry. Beginning with a thorough frame cleaning, we replaced the antiquated pneumatics package and panel.  This unit was originally utilized for submerged arc welding, so we upgraded the fingers and backup bar with precision-machined replacements. The refurbishment also included the installation of a new electrical panel and a modern pneumatic clamping package.


Moreover, we integrated a SigmaTouch weld sequence controller to manage the welding parameters seamlessly. Lastly, a new OTC mig package was installed which included a new power supply, mounted wire feeder, mig torch and remote controller. This project serves as a prime illustration of how Weld Plus can transform outdated machinery into a fully functional welding system.


If you have any questions about our retrofit program, call us at 513-941-4411!


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