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Webb U8 Special Side Beam

  • Part #: WEBB U8

Webb U8 Special Side Beam

  • Maximum Work Diameter 8’
  • Minimum Work Diameter 2’
  • Maximum Work Length 30’ (specify upon sale) 
  • Track Swing, Lateral 40”
  • Vertical Adjusting Motor 5 H.P.
  • Lateral Adjusting Cylinder 2 x 22
  • Lateral Adjusting Motor ¾ H.P.
  • Also available in sizes: 4’,6’,10’,11’ & 12’
  • Optional TC-3 carriages available (K325HCS)
  • Optional track support with turning rolls
  • Shipping Dimensions: 20’L x 10’W x 12.5’H
  • Shipping weight: 5,400 lbs.

Various sizes and configurations available!

The Webb U8 Special Side Beam positions an automatic welding head over various types of work. Therefore, all models come with vertical adjustments. On the smaller units have manual adjustments and larger units have power adjustments. This machine normally is used in conjunction with turning rolls and positioners to weld tanks or cylindrical work pieces. In addition multiple weld carriages can be integrated into this Webb U8 system to provide a custom circumferential welding solution.

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