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 Jetline Used 168 Inch Side Beam

  • Part #: WS180902

 Jetline Used 168 inch Side Beam

  • Model TKMV-168
  • 168” welding length
  • Jetline Model SWC-6A rack and pinion driven variable speed travel carriage
  • Jetline Model 9600 carriage controller (S/N: 120513)
  • 6” manual slide for horizontal torch adjustment
  • Weldcraft machine torch
  • Jetline Model ALC-401-6A arc length controller with 6” torch actuator (S/N: 120515)
  • Jetline Model CWF-50 cold wire feeder (S/N:120516), controlled by Jetline Model 9600 controller (S/N:120516)
  • Jetline Weld Current controller for controlling the characteristics of the arc
  • Cable track and tray for cable management
  • 3 mounting plates for stanchions (stanchions are not included)
  • S/N: 120512

This Jetline Used 168 inch Side Beam is ready to help automate your longitudinal or circumferential welding application. This system includes a completely integrated Jetline TIG welding system, which was purchased new in 2012. It has all the essentials to automate a beam or pipe GTAW welding process. A Jetline Arc Length Controller keeps the torch tip to work piece consistent, which provides precise and repeatable welds. Weld Plus is able to add a specific power supply to make this system your very own. This Jetline TKMV-168 side beam system is ready to go into production to help with your automated TIG welding needs. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to call. 800-288-9414. We can also be reached from out contact page or by emailing our sales team at sales@weldplus.com .

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