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Jetline Twin Head Bridge Side Beam

  • Part #: SB609007

Jetline Twin Head Bridge Side Beam

  • 8’ of variable speed travel on both carriages mounted on the bridge
  • 12’ variable speed travel on the side beam carriage
  • 134” to the bottom of the side beam
  • Welding torches are currently mounted on dual powered slides that have a total of 60” vertical travel
  • Welding equipment includes 2 Airco pulse arc II 550 CV power supplies
  • Two Airco med-40 wire feeders
  • Two  Miller Coolmate 4 water circulators
  • Two AWC 1,000 power assisted wire payoff reels
  • Two Jetline 6” x 6” automatic seam trackers and a Jetline Jetstar programmable control

This complete gantry style Jetline Twin Head Bridge Side Beam is equipped with bridge structure which holds two powered carriages. The bridge is mounted perpendicular to the face of the Jetline carriage and uses V-wheels on a guided track to support the other end of the structure. The two carriages move laterally across the bridge beam and have 8′ of variable speed travel. The carriages are each equipped with powered vertical slides which provide 60″ of travel in the Y-axis. To further enhance the functionality of the system, are two 6″ x 6″ automatic seam trackers mounted on each of the carriages. The system is currently equipped with an Airco Pulse Arc II  MIG (GMAW) system with MED-40 wire feeders. We can upgrade the existing equipment with one of your choice or you can speak to our very knowledgeable sales staff which can help determine the best welding process and equipment for your particular application.

This machine, as with all the inventory we rebuild comes with a warranty. We also offer training here in our facility at no cost to you. So if you need a gantry style side beam with twin torches that can weld simultaneously, track the seam automatically, and provide a large operation envelope, this may just be the machine for you. Give us a call at 800-288-9414 or email us for a quote to find out more about this or other machines. We look forward to hearing from you.

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