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Contour Arc Jetline Sidebeam Carriage

  • Part #: WP141103

Contour Arc Jetline Sidebeam Carriage

  • Jetline SWCA variable speed carriage, 3-135 IPM, 300 lb. capacity at 12″ center of gravity
  • Contour Arc digital carriage/system control
  • Jetline ALC-401-6 arc length control an 6″ slide
  • Jetline 2-roll cold wire feeder with controls in the carriage control
  • 6″ pneumatic torch lifter
  • 6″ manual vertical slide, 2″ manual horizontal slide and 2″ manual z axis slide
  • Serial #010751
  • Shipping dimensions: 5′ length x 4′ width x 3’height
  • Shipping weight:  250 lbs.

This Contour Arc Jetline Sidebeam Carriage is ready to be rebuilt or can be purchased As-Is with no warranty. All rebuilt machinery comes with a warranty. This system includes a Jetline welding control package but does not include the welding power supply. We pride ourselves on finding the perfect welding solution to fit your needs. All rebuilt machinery comes complete with a warranty and satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t find what you are looking for give us a call, or better  yet stop in and check out our inventory. We have a 44,000 square foot warehouse full of welding equipment, both new and used!  We will also rent you a machine if you only need it for a specific job! Why wait – call us today! 800-288-9414 and let us streamline your work for increased productivity.

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