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26 ft. Jetline TIG Welding Side Beam TK312

  • Part #: SB502001

 26 ft Jetline TIG Welding Side Beam TK312

  • 28’ side beam with 26’ of travel
  • 50” high floor mount stanchions
  • Jetline model 9026 carriage control
  • Digital IPM travel meter
  • Welding equipment to include the following: a Cyclomatic avc-3 arc voltage control
  • A Jetline model 9029 cold wire feeder with a micro wire feed head
  • A Cyclomatic 80A magnetic arc oscillator
  • 5” manual horizontal slide and a 25” powered vertical slide
  • Serial #920516

This 26 ft Jetline TIG Welding Side Beam TK312 arc welding system was previously used in a very clean lab style environment. The is ready to go to work on your TIG (GTAW) application or be contoured to your specific welding application. This machine come complete with a cold wire feeder, AVC-3, magnetic oscillator, and Digital IPM meter. The cold wire feeder provides a means of delivering filler material right to the welding arc automatically. The AVC (Arc Voltage Controller) constantly monitors your welding voltage and makes adjustments to torch height as necessary. This is to ensure that the voltage remains consistent from the very start of the weld to the end. This is especially important when working with thin sheet metal or irregular parts which tend to have varying heights down the length of the weld joint. This machine also comes equipped with a magnetic arc oscillator which uses a magnetic feild at the arc to influence the shape and position of the arc cone. This helps to stabilize the arc as well as provide a means to sweep the arc from side to side. This side to side motion helps to bond material with irregular fit up conditions. To top it all off, this carriage rides on Thompson round-ways which help to provide a vibration free travel. This smooth travel is ideal for low amperage and vibration sensitive welding processes like TIG and Plasma. The carriage motor is also outfitted with a tachometer which provides travel speed readout so that you can be sure that the welding schedules are maintained throughout the production run.

So if you need a long side beam with a cold wire feeder, automatic torch height control, magnetic oscillator, vibration-free travel, and a digital IPM display, this may just be the machine for you. Give us a call at 800-288-9414 or email us for a quote to find out more about this or other machines. We look forward to hearing from you.

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