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Koike-Aronson Model 20000-VF Floor Turntable

  • Part #: AROFT20VF

Koike Aronson Model 20000-VF Floor Turntable

  • 20,000 lb. capacity at 12” center of gravity
  • Variable speed rotation from .025 to 1.0 RPM
  • 24” table height
  • 60” diameter table with slots
  • Pendant control
  • 460 volt
  • Shipping weight 2,500 lbs.
  • Serial #N/A

The NEW Koike Aronson Model 20000-VF Floor Turntable is a rugged solution to obtain horizontal positioning movement. In addition, the turntable utilizes a fundamental design that has been engineered for safety, precision and durability. Therefore this turntable is well suited for flame cutting, assembly, x-ray inspection and machining requirements. Lastly, this is in stock and ready to ship to your location today!

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