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120,000 lb. Aronson Trolley Positioner

  • Part #: P001011

120000 lb Aronson Trolley Positioner

  • Specially engineered by Koike Aronson and NASA to assemble a 2 billion dollar spacecraft that was launched in December of 1999
  • 120,000 lb. load capacity at 12″ C.G.
  • Servo driven tilt and rotation with encoder output
  • Rotation Load Torque: 1,440,000 in-lb
  • Tilt Load torque: 2,880,000 in-lb
  • Digital readout for tilt and rotation axis’ (3 decimal points)
  • Geared power elevation
  • Manufactured for use in a Class 1, Division 2 hazard area
  • Hand pendant control for positioner functions
  • Air flotation system designed to hold positioner and load
  • Numerous safety features for precious pay load and personnel safety
  • Shipping weight: 38 tons
  • Positioner separates into two sections for shipment
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This 120000 lb Aronson Trolley Positioner was designed by NASA for the assembly of satellites. In addition, this unique positioner features a float on air pad system! Furthermore, this positioner has multiple safety features for personnel safety. A hand pendant gives the operator control from a safe distance. In conclusion, this Aronson satellite positioner is in pristine condition and a must see!

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