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Vanguard 10’ x 10’ Manipulator

  • Part #: M190624

Vanguard 10’ x 10’ Manipulator

  • Model: LHQ3X3
  • Total powered lift of 118” 
  • Lift speed: 39.37 in/min
  • Powered reach boom stroke of 118” 
  • Variable speed boom reach speed: 1-⅜ to 31-½ in/min
  • 176.4lb. load capacity 
  • Compatible weld processes: TIG, MIG or SAW
  • 180 degree swivel based on a manual travel car
  • Capable of performing overlay welds  
  • Shipping weight: 3,307 lbs.
  • Volt: 220, 3-Phase
  • SN: 510759

This Vanguard 10’ x 10’ Manipulator is a great cost effective way to do welding of the inside and outside of cylinder-type components. It already has an overly device installed which is great for repairing rollers. The manual travel car makes it easier to position the manipulator in multiple spots instead of having to move the part. This Vanguard Model LHQ3X3 Manipulator is ready to be outfitted with the weld process of your choice!

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