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Used Ransome Manipulator Model 1212 12’ x 16’

  • Part #: M140913

Used Ransome Manipulator Model 1212 12’ x 16’ 

  • 750 lb. weight capacity either or both ends
  • 12’ constant speed powered lift
  • Lift ranges from 39 ½” to 183 ½” from the floor to the bottom edge of the boom
  • 16’ variable speed powered reach
  • Reach ranges from 30 ½” to 222 ½” to the center of the mast
  • Reach speed varies from 3.35 IPM to 134 IPM
  • 360° manual mast rotation on a bolt down base
  • Shown with optional X-frame base
  • Currently equipped with a 6’ boom extension
  • Lincoln Tandem Sub arc package includes:
    • Lincoln NA-3 control and head
    • Lincoln NA-4 control and head
    • Weld Engineering flux hopper
    • Pandjiris 6” powered vertical slide
  • 460 volt – 3 phase
  • Shipping dimensions: 22’L x 8’W x 5’H
  • Shipping weight 9,000 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Serial # 6219310

Machines like the 12′ X 16′ Used Ransome Manipulator is designed to speed up the welding process in a number of ways. The purpose of a welding manipulator like this one, is to hold the welding equipment over a work piece so that the operator does not have to hold it in their hands while the part is moving beneath the torch. The part being welded is usually moved or rotated under the torch by use of a positioner or a set of tank turning rolls. By using a manipulator as a fixture to hold the equipment steady, the welding can take place over a longer period of time without fatigue from the operator which can result in multiple starts and stops. With a manipulator you only need one start and stop to complete most welds. This reduction in starts and stops minimizes the possibility of weld defects which can sometimes be caused from improper starting and stopping.

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