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Red-D-Arc 9×9 Manipulator Sub Arc Package

  • Part #: M221013C

Used Red-D-Arc 9×9 Manipulator Sub Arc Package

  • Maximum load capacity: 500 lbs. @ 18″ C.G.
  • 145.7″ maximum height under ram
  • Vertical ram travel of 118.1″ at 78.7 IPM
  • Variable speed horizontal ram speed from 3.9 to 78.7 IPM
  • Maximum horizontal ram travel of 118.1″
  • 360 degree manual mast rotation
  • Hand pendant control w/ 50′ cable
  • Input power: 480V, 3 Phase 50/60 HZ
  • Overall height: 171.8″
  • Complete Submerged Arc System Includes: 
    • 20 Ton Red-D-Arc weld positioner with manual height adjustment
    • Red-D-Arc DC 1000 SAW power supply
    • Lincoln NA-5 SAW control and wire feeder
    • Lincoln Spreadarc weld head oscillator
    • Weld Engineering AP-1 flux recovery
  • Also Available!
    • 2 ea. Lincoln Flextec 650 welding packages
    • 2 ea. 23000 welding booms w/ carts
    • 1 ea. Hypertherm 125 plasma cutter w/ cart

Fill your shop with everything you need! 

This Red-D-Arc 9’x9′ manipulator sub arc package has everything you need to automate your welding process. Included in the complete package are a manipulator, positioner and complete DC weld head package. Furthermore, additional Lincoln Flextec 650 boom packages are available. This system is designed to rotate your work piece while the manipulator holds the weld head over the part. In addition, this system can be easily utilized in overlay applications.

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