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Ransome XXHD Travel Car Manipulator 7’ x 15’

  • Part #: M904018
  • Condition: Used

Ransome XXHD Travel Car Manipulator 7’ x 15’

  • 7’ of powered elevation
  • Elevation ranges from 77” to 164” when measuring from the floor to the bottom edge of the boom
  • 15′ of variable speed reach
  • Reach speed varies from 2.7 to 108 IPM
  • Reach ranges from 64” to 244” when measuring from the center of the mast
  • 360° powered mast rotation
  • 2,000 lb. load capacity at either or both ends
  • Mounted on a variable speed travel car
  • Travel car runs on 84” gauge rail track
  • Track NOT included but can be purchased separately
  • 460 volt
  • Serial #909286

This a very heavy duty weld manipulator built by Ransome. The XXHD stands for extra extra heavy duty. This machine has a massive 2,000 lb load capacity on either or both ends of the boom. Most commonly outfitted with a cat walk platform. This is one of the few weld manipulators designed by the manufacture to support an operator and welding equipment. This Ransome XXHD weld manipulator is equipped with a powered travel car. This powered travel car allows the manipulator to be moved down the length of a vessel assemble line. This movement axis can also be used as a welding axis. Use this machine to complete your growing line. This machine has enough capacity to hold welding and inspection equipment with no trouble.

Let the skilled technicians at Weld Plus install the welding process of your choice on this manipulator. Remember, we specialize in tank and pipe welding equipment systems. We have manipulators both in a variety of configurations. We also carry the equipment to handle the profile welding and cutting of nozzles and man-ways. This item and all those you find on our website are located at Weld Plus in Cincinnati, Ohio. Stop in or give us a call 800-288-9414. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ransome XXHD Manipulator

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