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Ransome XHD Manipulator 16’ x 16’

  • Part #: M120125

Ransome XHD Manipulator 16’ x 16’ Complete System      

  • 2008 Ransome XHD Manipulator
  • 16’ constant speed power lift at 36 IPM
  • Lift range from 53” to 242” to the center of the boom
  • 16’ variable speed power reach of 1.8 to 180 IPM
  • Reach range from 40” to 232” from the center of the mast
  • 1500 lb. weight capacity either or both ends
  • 360° Powered Rotation
  • Variable Speed travel car
  • Travel car uses 84 ½ gauge train rail
  • Rail available separately
  • Lincoln Tiny Twin arc welding system includes:
    • Powerwave AC/DC 1,000
    • Dual wire drum holder
    • Servo robot 6” vertical and horizontal laser seam tracking system
    • Arc Wand flux recovery system
  • 575 volt with 460 volt transformer
  • Serial #45238
  • Shipping weight 44,000 lbs.

This 2008 Extra Heavy Duty Column and Boom Sub Arc Ransome Manipulator is perfect for your tank and vessel welding needs. This machine has very little use. The machine was bought by a company whose contract ended shortly after the receipt of this equipment. This machine was fully outfitted with the finest laser seam tracking and welding equipment available at the time. The machine sold for well over $300,000 new. You have the opportunity to purchase this complete package at an incredible savings. If you are looking for a complete manipulator package, then this Ransome Manipulator is the one for you!  Featuring  constant speed powered lift, variable speed powered reach and powered rotation. This machine has the features to handle all of your welding needs. As part of Ransome’s XHD line, this manipulator can support 1500 lbs of weight at either or both ends.   It also includes Lincoln Electric’s Tiny Twin arc welding system and a Powerwave AC/DC 1000.  This unit features a dual wire drum holder which allows for more welding and less down time.  Best of all, this Ransome Manipulator features Servo Robot’s 6″ vertical and horizontal powered slides and a laser seam tracking system.  This option is programmable to fit your needs and allows for more accurate welds at faster travel speeds.  Ask us about a training allowance available for the Servo Robot seam tracker. This Ransome Manipulator is sure to increase production in your facility. This complete system was previously used to build bridge sections and rail cars. Let this machine get back to work in your facility. Reap the benefits of this fully outfitted system. This unit is in excellent condition and has only had one owner.  Speak to one of our sales representatives today about the Ransome XHD Manipulator! We look forward to hearing from you!

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