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Preston Eastin Lincoln Sub Arc System


Preston Eastin Lincoln Sub Arc System

  • New Preston Eastin MA 1010MD Manipulator
  • 10’ constant speed powered lift at 30” IPM from 31 ¼” to 151 ¼” to the center of the boom
  • 10’ variable speed powered reach at 4-100 IPM from 24” to 144” from the center of the mast
  • 550 lb. weight capacity at either or both ends
  • 360° manual rotation on a bolt down base
  • Pendant control
  • 240/480 volt
  • New WPI Universal Variable Speed Travel Car
  • Variable speed travel from 3” to 135” IPM that runs on 56 ½” A.S.C.E. 30 lb. machined rail track w/ hand pendant control
  • New cable track and tray for horizontal lift and vertical reach
  • New Lincoln DC-1000 power supply
  • 1,000 amps of DC output at 100% duty cycle
  • New Lincoln NA-5 sub arc system
  • Complete with head, control, flux hopper, 60 lb. wire reel assembly, horizontal adjuster, vertical adjuster and 35’ of control/welding cable.
  • New Preston Eastin 180° swivel
  • New Weld Engineering Super AP-1 flux recover system
  • Additional Installed Options:
    Pandjiris 61P Cross Slides
    Lincoln 10 x 10 Seam Tracker
    Travel Car Track 

This Preston Eastin Lincoln Sub Arc System includes an integrated travel car and Weld Engineering flux recovery system. All included new equipment is installed and tested by our trained service technicians. Weld Plus also offers training at our facility in Cincinnati, Ohio at no charge. Additional options for this system include powered slides, seam tracking and tandem torch configurations. We can also install a variety of welding packages (Miller, Esab, Fronius, etc.), manipulator sizes and weld processes to fit the end users preference.

Give us a call, send us an email or stop in and see us to find out more about this machine. We look forward to hearing from you.

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