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Pandjiris Series 2000 Telescoping Manipulator

  • Part #: PAN 2000 TELE

New Pandjiris Series 2000 Telescoping Manipulator

  • Various sizes available! (below specs are for 21’x18′ model)
  • Boom elevates to a height of 18′ from the floor to the bottom of the boom with a
    minimum height of approximately 32″
  •  Overall height of the column is limited to 24′
  • The boom has three extending sections, each with approximately 7′-6″ of travel
    providing a total travel of approximately 22′-6″
  • Both the column and boom utilize linear bearings for guidance and load bearing
  • The maximum load at the end of the boom when fully extended is 500 pounds
    with a center of gravity no more than 18″ from the end of the boom
  • The boom hoist mechanism is a screw actuator driven by an AC brake motor at a
    constant speed of approximately 50 IPM
  • The boom sections travel is rack and pinion driven at a variable speed of
    approximately 3 to 116 IPM
  • The manipulator bolt down base is a 72″ square steel plate with eight (8) 13/16″
    thru holes on a 39-1/4″ bolt circle
  • Limit switches are provided for both the boom vertical travel and each boom section
    horizontal travel
  • Input Power 460 VAC, three phase, 60 Hz.

Customized based on your welding application! 

This Pandjiris Series 2000 Telescoping Manipulator can be customized to fit your application. Furthermore, this unique manipulator features a telescopic manipulator boom. This allows the boom to extend out to various lengths and retract back to a convenient work envelop.  In addition, the boom has a 500 lb. load capacity. This allows you to mount your all of your welding equipment on the boom without any issues. Contact us today to get your customized quotation!

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