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Pandjiris 8×8 Manipulator Model D8

  • Part #: M220403

Refurbished Pandjiris 8×8 Manipulator 

  • Model: D8
  • Vertical boom travel of 20 ⅝” minimum and 112” maximum
  • Constant speed lift at 73 IPM  
  • 8’ reach beginning 21” center of column 
  • 3 to 110 IPM variable speed reach 
  • 300 lb. weight capacity either end or 500lb. total
  • 360° manual rotation with a manually operated screw friction lock
  • Hand pendant control
  • 48″ x 48″ bolt down base

Ready to be outfitted with the welding process of your choice!

This refurbished Pandjiris 8×8 Pandjiris Manipulator is in excellent condition! Furthermore, Weld Plus can install the welding process of your choice.  Optional accessories include slides, seam trackers, travel cars and more. In addition, we offer Melt Tools weld cameras to easily monitor welds from a work station.

With a manipulator you only need one start and stop to complete most welds. This reduction in starts and stops minimizes the possibility of weld defects which can sometimes be caused from improper starting and stopping.  Another very common use for a welding manipulator is to use the variable speed boom as a welding axis to complete longitudinal welds.

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