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Pandjiris 1600 Series 16 x 16 Manipulator

  • Part #: M200605P3

Pandjiris 1600 Series 16 x 16 Manipulator

  • Excellent condition!
  • 1100 lb. weight capacity at either end
  • Constant speed powered lift from 26′ 3/8” to 16’ 8-3/8” to the bottom of the boom
  • Lift Speed: 32 IPM
  • Variable speed reach from 3 to 116 IPM
  • 16′ stroke beginning 32″ from center of column
  • Manual 360° mast rotation
  • 40” x 40” base
  • Heavy Duty Pandjiris 415P 6” Vertical and Horizontal Cross Slides 
  • 180° Weld Orientation Swivel
  • Spring loaded, self-energizing pawl mounted on the cross head engages column face
  • 25’ Hand pendant control
  • Total height: 21’ 9”
  • MIG Package Includes: Lincoln Power Wave 455M Power Supply, Power Feed 10M Control and Feeder
  • TIG Package Includes: Custom podium control,  Jetline Cold Wire Feeder and ALC. 
  • 460V, 3 phase
  • Serial # 17367E00
  • PAN 1600 Specs

Available for sale with or without welding equipment! 

This Pandjiris 1600 series 16 x 16 ft Manipulator is designed to speed up the welding process in a number of ways. For example, the purpose of a welding manipulator like this one, is to hold the welding head over a work piece. Furthermore the part being welded is usually rotated under the torch by use of a positioner or a set of tank turning rolls. In addition, his manipulator is made with a heavy duty box beam construction and it features a precisely-machined anti-fall device. In conclusion, this manipulator can benefit your welding process by having consistent quality, increasing productivity and cost savings.

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