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Jetline 6×6 Manipulator and Positioner MIG System

  • Part #: WS201101C

Jetline 6×6 Manipulator and Positioner MIG System

  • Manipulator Model WHL-4D6X6K
  • 30 IPM constant speed powered lift from 24” to 96” 
  • 70-120 IPM variable speed powered reach from 10” to 82”
  • Controls include: two Jetline 9600 series controls and a Jetline 9200 series oscillator control
  • Max manipulator load capacity: 400 lbs. 
  • 360° manual mast rotation on a bolt down base 
  • Overall Height 120″
  • SN:040465
  • Jetline positioner Model MO-150-5S
  • Positioner Weight Capacity: 2,250 lbs at 4 in center of gravity
  • Hand pendant control
  • SN:040467
  • Complete Welding Package includes:
    • Miller Deltaweld 452 power supply
    • 70 series Miller wire feeder
    • Miller Coolmate 3 water circulator
    • Tweco QFW 600 Mig torch
  • Jetline WHL Product Info

This Jetline 6×6 Manipulator and Positioner MIG System is designed to be utilized in precision circumferential welding applications. First of all it is important to position the weld head rigidly over the part to obtain the highest quality weld results. Also any vibration or instability of the weld head mounting will have an effect upon the arc length and produce inferior results.

The parts in the average workshop vary in size and shape. In addition, the welding  point varies and it is therefore necessary to locate the welding head accordingly. The welding head locator provides a universal solution as the boom can be lifted and lowered on the mast and can be extended or retracted as required by the geometry and size of the part. Lastly, this Jetline WHL-4D6X6K Manipulator is in excellent condition and is ready to ship! 

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