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Aronson 6 x 6 Welding Manipulator

  • Part #: M151109

Aronson 6 x 6 Welding Manipulator

  • Model Locust-I
  • 400 lb. weight capacity either or both ends
  • Constant speed power lift from 30″ to 102″
  • 3 to 100 IPM variable speed reach from 17″ to 89″
  • Manual 360° mast rotation
  • Portable X-frame base
  • Updated control panel with Harting style connector for hand pendant control
  • 115V input power
  • Serial # N/A
  • Shipping dimensions: 13′ long x 6′ wide x 6′ high
  • Shipping weight: 2,100 lbs.

This Aronson 6 x 6 Welding Manipulator is designed to speed up the welding process. The purpose of a welding manipulator like this one, is to hold the welding equipment over a work piece so that the operator doesn’t have to manually hold it. The part being welded is usually moved under the torch by use of a positioner or turning rolls. By using a manipulator to hold the equipment steady, the welding can take place over a longer period of time. This will reduce operator fatigue which could otherwise result in multiple starts and stops. By using a manipulator most welds can be completed with only one start and stop. This greatly reduces the chance of defects in the weld. You can also use the linear boom travel to weld long seams. Use this to weld on top of, or inside the tank or vessel. This unit has been refurbished and ready to go!

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