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Aronson 14 x 14 Manipulator GEM

  • Part #: M160101

Aronson 14 x 14 Manipulator Model GEM and Travel Car

  • 1,000 lb. weight capacity either or both ends
  • 14′ constant speed lift from 48″ to 216″ to the center of the boom
  • 14′ of 1.7 to 100 IPM variable speed reach from 30″ to 198″
  • 3 to 135 IPM variable speed travel car that runs on 72 gauge track (track not included)
  • 30′ pendant control
  • 460 volt, 3 phase
  • Serial #6919
  • Sub-Arc welding package includes:
    • Lincoln NA-5 sub-arc head and control
    • Lincoln DC-1000 power supply
    • Weld Engineering AP-1 flux recovery
  • Shipping weight – 23,000 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions – 30′ long x 7′ wide x 10′ high

This Aronson 14 x 14 Manipulator is a complete ready to weld system. With 14′ of lift and 14′ of reach capacity, this machine has a large working area. To add to this large range of motion is a variable speed travel car which allows the welding equipment to be moved down the length of tank building line. The manipulator is also equipped with a complete Lincoln submerged arc welding system. The welding package consists of a Lincoln NA-3 control, wire feed head, and an Idealarc DC-1000 welding power supply. Also included with this package is a Weld Engineering AP-1 flux recovery system. The flux recovery systems is able to retrieve any unused flux and put it back into the hopper for re-circulation. This helps to minimize waste and reduce the amount of debris on the floor.

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