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Arc Specialties 8′ x 6′ Fixed Boom Manipulator

  • Part #: M161104

 Arc Specialties 8 x 6 Fixed Boom Manipulator

  • 8’ variable speed acme screw powered lift with pneumatic assist
  • Elevation ranges from 51 ½” to 147 ½” from the floor to the bottom edge of the boom
  • 6’ variable speed acme screw powered carriage
  • Carriage travels from 1 ½” to 73 ½” from the center of the boom
  • 500 lb. weight capacity at the end of the boom
  • Fixed Boom
  • Fixed mast, no rotation
  • Variable speed travel car with 16’ of track
  • Rack & pinion travel car on precision bearing rails, 10 ½’ of travel
  • 460V, 3 phase
  • Shipping dimensions: 16’ long x 8’ wide x 3’ high
  • Serial #1258-20550

This Arc Specialties 8 x 6 Fixed Boom Manipulator is designed to be used in a variety of precision tank welding applications. This manipulator utilizes acme screws to power the lift, carriage, and travel car functions. This allows for precise and smooth travel while eliminating backlash. With a 500 lb weight capacity this manipulator can be outfitted with Sub Arc, Mig or Tig equipment. A cable management tray is also installed to keep wires and cables safe while the travel car traverses. The Arc Specialties Model 8×6 Manipulator is a great option for precision tank building applications and is ready to be utilized with a variety of welding processes.

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