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6 x 6 ft. Ransome Manipulator with TIG

  • Part #: M131025

6 x 6 ft Ransome Manipulator with TIG equipment

  • 6’ constant speed powered lift from 25 1/2” to 97 1/2”
  • Powered variable speed reach from 24” to 96” from the center of mast rotation
  • 250 lb. capacity at either or both ends
  • 5′ x 5′ base plate
  • Jetline ALC 101 arc length control system and cold wire feed systems
  • Miller weld oscillator package
  • 460 volt
  • Shipping weight 2,500 lbs.
  • Serial # 6128177

Machines like this one are designed to speed up the welding process in a number of ways. The purpose of this 6 x 6 ft Ransome Manipulator like this one, is to hold the welding equipment over a work piece. This is so that the operator does not have to hold it in their hands while the part is moving beneath the torch. The part being welded is usually moved or rotated under the torch by use of a positioner or a set of tank turning rolls. By using a manipulator as a fixture to hold the equipment steady, the welding can take place over a longer period of time without fatigue from the operator which can result in multiple starts and stops. With a manipulator you only need one start and stop to complete most welds. This reduction in starts and stops minimizes the possibility of weld defects which can sometimes be caused from improper starting and stopping.  Another very common use for a welding manipulator is to use the variable speed boom as a welding axis to complete longitudinal welds. These longitudinal welds can be completed on the outside perimeter of a tank, vessel, or pipe, or you can reach inside those same work pieces to complete the internal welds which can prove to be much more difficult.

Let the skilled technicians at Weld Plus install the welding process of your choice on this manipulator. Weld Plus specializes in tank and pipe welding equipment systems. We have manipulators in a variety of configurations. We also carry the equipment to handle the profile welding and cutting of nozzles and man ways. This item and all those you find on our website are located at Weld Plus in Cincinnati, Ohio. Stop in or give us a call 800-288-9414.

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