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6 x 5 ft. Mini Welding Manipulator Torch Positioner

  • Part #: M150708
  • Condition: Used

6 x 5 ft Mini Welding Manipulator Torch Positioner

  • 50 lb. weight capacity
  • Applications: MIG or TIG torch positioning
  • 6′ variable speed lift from 17″ to 89″, 1.5 to 21 IPM
  • 5′ variable speed reach from 12″ to 72″, 1.5 to 21 IPM
  • Variable speed controlled by A-Z knob on bottom of motors
  • Fixed bolt down base – no mast rotation
  • 6′ directional pendant control, maintained reach, momentary lift
  • Serial #n/a
  • 115 volt
  • Shipping weight: 350 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions: 102″ long x 24″ wide x 24″ high

This 6 x 5 ft Mini Welding Manipulator Torch Positioner is built by Bug-O. This is a light duty torch positioning solution for the customer looking to securely hold a MIG or TIG torch. The reach axis is a variable speed arm which can be used to move the welding torch over a long seam. You also have the option to position a welding or cutting torch over a rotating part. This a simple and effective solution to get the torch out of the operators hands and reduce fatigue. With such a small boom arm, this machine can be used for very small diameter internal welding requirements.

Let the skilled technicians at Weld Plus install the MIG or TIG welding process of your choice on this 6 x 5 ft Mini Welding Manipulator. Weld Plus specializes in tank and pipe welding equipment systems. We have manipulators in a variety of configurations. We also carry the equipment to handle the profile welding and cutting of nozzles and man ways. This machine, as with all inventory we rebuild, comes complete with a warranty. We also offer training here in our facility at no cost to you. You can choose to buy this or any of our machines in the as-is condition. We just encourage you to come to our facility and inspect the machine before doing so. This item and all those you find on our website are located at Weld Plus in Cincinnati, Ohio. Stop in or give us a call 800-288-9414.

If you’re interested in this product, please click “Add to Quote” above and then click on “View Quote” at the top of the page to submit your inquiry.  If you have any immediate questions about this or any other product, please call us at 513-941-4411 and we will gladly help.  Thanks for considering Weld Plus, your source for welding equipment and machinery.

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