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6 ft. x 4 ft. Cayuga Welding Manipulator and Travel Car

  • Part #: M140401P

 6 ft x 4 ft Cayuga Welding Manipulator and Travel Car

  • 6’ constant speed power lift
  • Lift speed of 34 IPM
  • Lift range from 19 1/2” to 91 ½” to the center of the boom
  • Variable speed powered reach of 1.8 to 180 IPM
  • Boom range from 13” to 61” from the center of the mast
  • 250 lb. weight capacity on boom arm
  • 360° manual mast rotation
  • Variable speed travel car
  • Dual shielding gas tank rack
  • Jetline HWF-200D Hot wire power supply
  • 9302B wire feed control
  • ALC 101 Arc length control
  • 6” powered vertical torch slide
  • AP Automation magnetic arc oscillator
  • Thermal Dynamics plasma welding system:
    • PS-3000 power supply
    • WC 100B Plasma gas console
    • Sequence control package including:
      • CS-1 current sloper control
      • CP-1 current pulse control
      • GS-1 gas slope control
      • WT-1 weld timer
  • Variety of trailing gas shoes
  • Boom mounted controls
  • Serial # 25A947

This is a very complete  6 ft x 4 ft Cayuga Welding Manipulator. This manipulator includes a variable speed powered travel car. The travel car is designed to run on inverted angle iron. This creates a simple and effective means of keeping the machine in line. The machine is outfitted with an automated Jetline PAW Hot wire welding system. This system incorporates a magnetic arc oscillator. The oscillator provides stabilization and weave capabilities to the arc path. The system also includes a full suite of plasma arc controls. The controls consist of a pulse control, current slope and gas slope control, as well as a weld timer. In addition to the plasma welding apparatus, this machine is equipped with a Jetline Hot wire feed system. The hot wire feed allows higher deposition rates than cold wire. The wire is electrically hot so that when it enters the weld puddle, the filler material goes into melt faster. This reduces the amount of heat energy needed from the arc and thus allows for faster feeding without compromising the strength of the weld bead.  This machine was previously used to weld high alloy stainless materials like inconel. The system uses trailing gas shields to prolong the exposure of weld shielding gases to the cooling weld bead. Plasma welding current is provided by the Thermal Arc PS-3000 power supply. This is a 300 amp machine deigned with Plasma welding in mind.

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