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5 x 5 foot Ransome Used Manipulator Model 99

  • Part #: M140304P

5×5 foot Ransome Used Manipulator Model 99

  • 54” manual Lift from 56” to 110” to the center of the boom to floor
  • 54” variable speed powered reach
  • Reach range from 51” to 105” to the center of the mast
  • 360° manual rotation
  • 500 lb. capacity
  • 60” x 90” steel base
  • Miller cladding system includes:
    • Miller Automatic A1D-DW control
    • A1D-4L 2 roll feeder
    • 60 MM strip head and spool holder
  • 15” Vertical powered slide
  • 3” vertical manual slide for fine adjustment
  • 2 manual head adjusters and 360° swivel
  • 115 volt
  • Serial #N/A
  • Rebuilt 230 or 460 Volt

The 5×5 foot Ransome Used Manipulator Model 99 is currently equipped with a unique strip cladding system. This strip cladding system is most similarly related to a sub-arc welding process. The weld material is fed into a pile of powered flux as it is in sub-arc. The difference is that instead of a welding wire, this system uses a thin strip of material to clad or coat the outside of the welded part instead of welding to pieces together. This helps increase the coverage area in a single pass while also reducing dilution of weld material.

The 5×5 foot Ransome Used Manipulator is designed to speed up the welding process in a number of ways. The purpose of a welding manipulator like this one, is to hold the welding equipment over a work piece. This would be an ideal machine to use when the equipment is too heavy to handle, as in Sub-Arc welding. This would also relieve the operator so that they do not have to hold a torch in their hands for extended periods. The part being welded is usually rotated under the torch by use of a positioner or a set of tank turning rolls. By using a manipulator as a fixture to hold the equipment steady, the welding can take place over a longer period of time without fatigue from the operator which can result in multiple starts and stops.With a manipulator you only need one start and stop to complete most welds. This reduction in starts and stops minimizes the possibility of weld defects which can sometimes be caused from improper starting and stopping.  Another very common use for a welding manipulator is to use the variable speed boom as a welding axis to complete longitudinal welds. These linear welds can be completed on the outside perimeter of a tank, vessel, or pipe. You can reach inside those same work pieces to complete the internal welds which can prove to be much more difficult.

If needed, we can remove this strip cladding system and sell it to you separately or install it on another machine. Call us today at 1-800-288-9414 to find out more about this 5×5 foot Ransome Manipulator or the welding equipment installed on it.

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