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Wolff MFG Dual Head Welding Lathe

  • Part #: L120309

Wolff MFG Dual Head Welding Lathe

  • 30” maximum length capacity
  • 32” maximum diameter capacity
  • Variable speed servo driven rotation from 1 to 20 RPM
  • 2 each sub arc welding heads that each include a wire feed system
  • 19” vertical weld head adjustment
  • Weld heads adjust individually for angled work piece
  • 10” horizontal chain driven oscillating cross slide
  • Lathe can rotate 45° to either left or right side
  • Lathe controls powered off DC-600 power supply
  • Welding equipment not included 
  • 460/115 volt
  • Serial #283

This Wolff MFG Dual Head Welding Lathe is perfect for those welding on discs and wheels. Previously used to weld hubs and rims to large discs. This would also be a great system for applying hardfacing material to a steel wheel’s wear surface. Assembly or repair on heavy construction equipment or rail cars wheels can be done with this machine. The machine features two sub arc heads to weld both sides of a wheel at the same time. This keeps heat distortion to a minimum since both welds are completed simultaneously and the area is heated uniformly. These two heads mount to a common oscillating mechanism. This device enables the torches to move at the same speed and distance. The sweep, center position, and speed can all change on the fly while in operation. The heads move on the slide by a roller chain. Lastly, the position and sweep are dictated by the limit switches mounted to adjustable slides.

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