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Vertical TIG Welding Lathe – by Edron

  • Part #: L408007

Vertical TIG Welding Lathe – Edron

  • 36″ maximum length capacity
  • 6″ maximum diameter capacity
  • Synchronized rotary drive of both top and bottom spindles
  • Manual adjustable height on the top fixture
  • Adjustable bottom fixture for irregular shapes
  • TIG torch adjusts in and out by a cam following device
  • Can be changes to MIG applications
  • 460 volt, 3-phase
  • Serial #351870
  • Shipping weight – 3,500 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions – 5′ long x 5′ wide x 10′ high

This Edron Vertical TIG Welding Lathe is a unique and very capable weld station. The machine is equipped with a series of cams that allow the torch to move as the part is rotated. This makes the machine perfect for those customers who have irregular shaped parts. The movement of the torch is based on the part table position. This in turn keeps the torch synchronized with the tooling. The movements available to the torch are: distance from center, torch angle, elevation, and lateral offset from center. The distance from center allows the torch to be moved as part diameter or swing changes. The torch angle adjustment allows the torch to swing approximately 30 degrees to maintain the proper relationship with the part. The elevation adjustment allows the torch height position to change if the weld seam does not stay on the same horizontal plane. The lateral offset movement allows the torch to take a position that no longer points to the center of rotation. All of these movements allow for wide range of part shapes and sizes. The cams that control this movement are held in place with shaft collars. This allows the cams to be easily changed as part profiles change.

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