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Table Top Weld Lathe by Weldlogic

  • Part #: L603010

Table Top Weld Lathe – Weldlogic

  • Variable speed rotation
  • Fixed 6” table – ½” to 6” diameter thru hole
  • Weldlogic PA-100 power supply serial number 254
  • 5” 3 jaw scroll chuck
  • 3 ½” stroke pneumatic cylinder
  • Live center on tailstock
  • Manual adjustable slide for torch mounting
  • 115 volt 1 phase
  • Serial number 1308
  • Shipping dimensions 4’ long x 3’ wide x 16” high
  • Shipping weight 350 lbs.

Table Top Weld Lathe system by Weldlogic is complete with Weldlogic power supply. Weld Logic is a manufacturer of high quality precision welding systems. Complete Weld Logic systems include a fully integrated welding power supply. This lathe system uses their PA-100 welding power supply. This power supply is 100 amp precision welding machine with full slope capability. The PA-100 is the most accurate low current welding system available. Very low heat, high speed welds can be made in materials as thin as .010″ and as thick as .125″ with this machine. This a cost effective solution over the more complicated and costly beam welding systems. This power supply is the result of years of research in the low current arc starting and control stability. The lathe is designed to be used either in the upright or flat position. The tailstock is outfitted with a pneumatic clamp for quick part holding and positive lock. The torch slide is manually positioned down the length of the bed with a precision hand wheel. There is also a precision screw to adjust the torch forward and back above the rotation axis. Along with manual torch adjustments, the slide also comes equipped with a two position pneumatic valve. This can be used with an air torch lifter to quickly put the torch in position for welding.

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