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Screw Flight Hard Surfacing Lathe

  • Part #: L206001P

Stoody Screw Flight Hard Surfacing Lathe

  • Current capacity of 7″ diameter (can be increased)
  • 144″ length capacity
  • This machine was used for hard surfacing with #6 CoCrA solid lengths
  • Oscillating head
  • Preheat system
  • Mechanical carriage advance for the following pitch ranges:
    • 2.25
    • 2.75
    • 3.50
    • 4.00
    • 4.75
    • 5.25
    • 6.00
  • Control console and 500 amp Miller DC power supply

This Screw Flight Hard Surfacing Lathe is manufactured by Stoody. The machine is designed to overlay hard facing material onto a shaft or screw’s wear surface. The lathe can also be configured for a simple overlay process for you specific part.  The lathe is equipped with a heating manifold down the full length of the bed. This will bring the part up to temperature and can maintain that temperature for proper adhesion. Each of these heating nozzles has a quarter turn valve so that you can chose to run only the ones you need. The carriage is driven by a screw which is mechanically linked to the lathe rotation. The ratio of movement can be adjusted to match a specific pitch. There are currently 7 options for pitch advance.  Other gears can be made to achieve your specific needs if the machine does not currently have them. This type of relationship works best since the torch advancement is directly linked to position instead of speed. The carriage has an electro-mechanical release that allows the carriage to remain stationary until the operator is ready to start the welding process. This allows the part to heat over the rotisserie without advancing the carriage. The tailstock is powered up and down the length of the bed by a chain pull mechanism.

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