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Power Tilting Weld Lathe Bed – Jetline

  • Part #: L601001

Jetline Power Tilting Weld Lathe Bed

  • Model CWP-24
  • 200 lb. weight capacity
  • 20.5” length capacity
  • 12” diameter capacity
  • For use as a vertical or horizontal welding lathe
  • 90° powered tilting bed
  • 8” capacity chuck with a 1/2” thru hole for gas back purge
  • 3” air slide tailstock for part clamping
  • Jetline ALC101-V4T arc length controller
  • Jetline Model 9024-101 circumferential TIG weld sequencer
  • Digital meter to display either IPM or RPM
  • Variable speed torch carriage for optional longitudinal welding
  • Powered torch lifter
  • Powered slides
  • 115 volt
  • Serial #920131

This Power Tilting Weld Lathe Bed is designed by Jetline to improve the weld quality and capability of your TIG welding application. This machine uses a linear actuator to adjust the bed angle. By adjusting the bed angle, the weld joint can be moved to a better position for welding. The welding torch can also be placed in a more ideal position for each seam. The tilting capacity of this lathe is up to 90 degrees. This wide range of tilt allows the part to be put into a position to better suit each seam on the part.  The result is a huge time savings and increased production by not having to change to another machine or make extensive alterations to the existing lathe.

This lathe bed is currently setup for TIG (GTAW) welding. The system uses a 9024 sequencer and an ALC-101 (Arc Length Control) to maintain weld settings. A digital meter display option is used to show either RPM or IPM for the rotation axis. In addition to being a circumferential welding lathe, this machine has a variable speed linear torch movement which enables the machine to be used for longitudinal welds as well. This lathe bed is also equipped with a pneumatic clamping tailstock for part holding.

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