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Melton Single Torch Welding Lathe

  • Part #: L1054413
  • Condition: Used

Melton Single Torch Welding Lathe

  • Capacity 30” dia. X 37” long
  • Programmable A.B. SLC 500 control
  • Pneumatic fixture clamping
  • Miller Maxtron 450 pulse welding system with automatic IDA control & head
  • Welding system completely integrated
  • Safety light curtain
  • Operator console w/palm buttons
  • Automatic leather curtains
  • Hood for exhaust
  • Complete, ready for your fixture
  • Serial # 6330
  •  “1993”

This Melton single torch welding lathe is designed for high production. This weld cell was previously used in the automotive exhaust pipe industry. The machine features dual driven tables which means the headstock and tailstock are mechanically linked to drive at the same speed. This keeps any tooling between the head and tail in proper alignment. Both the headstock and the tailstock have swivel fittings through the table. This allows pneumatic and electrical connections to be made for tool clamping purposes. The system is currently designed so that one main air supply can pass through each table. This in turn is connected to multiple air solenoids on the tooling. This allows the air cylinders to be controlled independently based on the electrical signals. The weld cell also has a fume hood which would allow the system to be plumbed into an existing fume re-circulation unit. The welding torch is mounted to a pivoting bar which rotates the torch into and out of position by way of an air cylinder. The leather welding curtain is drawn over the cell opening by an automatic air cylinder and protects the operator from arc rays while the machine is in use.

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Melton Single Torch Welding Lathe
Melton Single Torch Welding Lathe
Melton Single Torch Welding Lathe
Melton Single Torch Welding Lathe
Melton Single Torch Welding Lathe
Melton Single Torch Welding Lathe

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