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Dual Head Welding Lathe System

  • Part #: L120308

Dual Head Welding Lathe System

  • 24” maximum length capacity
  • 36” maximum diameter capacity
  • Allen Bradley Panel View 600 Digital control
  • Dual variable speed servo driven rotation from 1 to 220 RPM
  • Two  Miller Auto Axcess 300 power supplies
  • Robotic wire feeders
  • Tregaskiss MIG welding heads
  • 7” vertical and 10” horizontal pneumatic cross slides
  • Air torch lifters
  • Barrier and light curtain for safety
  • 460 volt
  • Serial # 2804-000

This Dual Head Welding Lathe System is a fully automatic package. This machine was used to weld brackets for the automotive industry. The machine is equipped with a safety curtain which drops into place while welding. This curtain protects the operator from the arc rays. The machine is also equipped with a part eject and catch tray. This device is designed to collect the final product and put them into a box. Both rotating tables are driven so that perfect alignment of parts can be maintained with the proper tooling. The welding package is equipped with two Miller Axcess 300 MIG systems with Tregaskiss torches. The torches are mounted to pneumatic slides which give the machine the ability to move them into place with accuracy. The machine is outfitted with several prox switches and latches to provide feedback to the PLC. This enables the machine to identify whether or not a part is in the proper position and loaded correctly. This also will confirm the position of clamps. The operator interfaces with the machine through the touch screen control on the side of the machine. This presents data to operator and allows them to confirm program settings.

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