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Bancroft Welding Lathe Model VH-24

  • Part #: L305002

Bancroft Welding Lathe Model VH-24

  • 33″ long x 48″ diameter capacity
  • Pneumatic torch lifter
  • Forward and reverse variable speed
  • Weld overlap timer and a Miller 60m control and feed head
  • Serial #3610-(117-213)

This Bancroft Welding Lathe Model VH-24 has the headstock and tailstock linked together mechanically. This provides drive to both plates so that your part keeps proper radial alignment when being welded. The headstock and tailstock are a fixed distance apart. The tables have through holes which allow air lines and electrical connections to pass through to the rotating table when proper swivels are used.  The tailstock currently features a swivel air fitting and uses this to operate a part clamp. This machine has a programmable overlap setting so that operator can set the timer for proper tie in. The welding torch is mounted to an air cylinder. The torch is then able to drop into and out of position automatically. The entire torch mount has an adjustable slide for left and right movement. This system also features an automatic curtain which draws a welding screen across the machine opening and protects the operator from arc rays. The machine is currently features a Miller wire feeder and control. However, we can build this machine to suit your exact needs.

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