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Bancroft Incline Rotary Welder System

  • Part #: L708009

Bancroft Incline Rotary Welder System

  • 800 lb. Weight capacity
  • 44” maximum diameter capacity
  • Welding bed is fixed at a 30° angle
  • .01 to 10 RPM variable speed rotation
  • Weld overlap timer
  • Miller 60 series wire feed system with vertical and horizontal cross slides and an air torch lifter
  • 120 volt
  • Serial #3334/110-086

Ready to be rebuilt! 

Do you have fillet welds you need to complete? For instance, Are you welding a lot of pipe to flanges? This Bancroft Incline Rotary Welder System may be the package for you. This is Bancroft welding lathe equipped with a 30 degree incline wedge under the headstock. When the part is presented in this way, it lets the weld puddle to flatten out and fill the inside corner area. This allows the weld parameters to be set hotter for better tie in, while also lowering the risk of the weld puddle dripping out of the joint. Whether you are welding the outside or reaching just inside the pipe, this machine has the side beam for you to reach both. The wedge is removable which would then make this machine suitable for a standard lathe application.

The torch is  mounted to movable spotting car. This spotting car is outfitted with a pneumatic slide. The slide is mounted at an angle so that the torches move up and back when it is not in use. This gives the operator additional space to load and unload the part compared to a strictly vertical slide. There are two slides to control fine torch adjustment on the head. These X and Y cross slides provide 4″ of movement in each axis. The controls package incorporates weld speed, overlap timer, weld On/Off, automatic and manual modes.

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