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Bancroft 605 GMAW Welding Lathe

  • Part #: L201201C

Bancroft 605 GMAW Welding Lathe

  • Model 605
  • 14” maximum length capacity
  • 14” maximum diameter capacity (modified to accept up to 20″diameter)
  • 800 lb. load capacity
  • Pneumatic tailstock with 10″ stroke to clamp and hold part in position while welding
  • Variable speed rotation from 1 to 20 RPM with weld overlap timer
  • Pneumatic torch lifter with 5″ stroke to move gun into position for welding cycle
  • 4” Vertical and 4” horizontal cross slides and air torch lifters
  • PLC controlled
  • Rotatory ground
  • Fronius Trans-Plus Synergic 3200 MV Power Supply
    • 320 AMP output with 100% duty cycle
    • 220-230 V or 380-460 V 3-phase
  • FK4000-R water cooling unit
  • VR1500 euro wire feeder
  • Digital control for GMAW, GMAW-P and GMAW-Brazing
  • American WeldQuip automatic water cooled welding torch
  • SN: 3558/115-980-1
  • Video Demonstration 

Complete System, Ready to Ship!

This Bancroft 605 GMAW Welding Lathe features a Fronius Trans-Plus Synergic Welding Package. First of all the 3200 MV power supply includes a Robocta interface that establishes communication between the lathe and the power supply. In addition, the FK4000-R has a flow monitor to prevent arc initiation with out coolant. Another great feature is that the VR1500 wire feeder has positive contact with integrated drive rolls allowing for flawless feeding of even the most difficult materials. Also the American WeldQuip automatic water cooled welding torch features Nickle plated nozzles and goose neck to further reduce heat and extend consumable life. Lastly, the machine features a pneumatic clamping tailstock on an adjustable slide table. Furthermore this adjustable slide allows the machine to be setup for a variety of part lengths.

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