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Used Pratt & Whitney 30 Inch Vertical Rotary Table

  • Part #: H171115

Used Pratt Whitney 30 Inch Vertical Rotary Table

  • 4,000 lbs. recommend weight capacity
  • 2 RPM constant speed
  • 28” center table height
  • 30” round table with 8 T slots
  • Center hole in table, hardened and ground: No.40mm taper
  • Table graduations read to 1 minute
  • Table dial Vernier graduation reads to 2 seconds
  • Input power: 460 volt 3 phase
  • Serial# 28834
  • Shipping dimensions: 5’ x 3’ x 5’
  • Shipping weight: 2,900 lbs.

The Used Pratt Whitney 30 Inch vertical rotary table is designed for precision tooling applications. Originally built for manufacturing aircraft parts, this rotary table can be modified to fit your welding shop’s needs. Rebuilding this equipment would include an updated electrical panel, new variable speed motor and electrical drive to optimize MIG or TIG pipe welding.  As well as new electricals, any outdated mechanical components would also be replaced to get the positioning equipment operating better than ever.  Ask us how Weld Plus can streamline your work for increased productivity. Call 800-288-9414 and talk to a sales rep to find out more about this machine.

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