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Sideros 15,400 lb. Syncrolift Headstock Tailstock Set

  • Part #: SID SLC70

Sideros 15400 lb Syncrolift Headstock Tailstock Set

  • Model SLC70
  • 15,400 lb. load capacity
  • 57,500 maximum torque
  • Rotation Load Torque: 57,500 in-lb
  • 19.5” minimum table height
  • 76.5” maximum table height
  • 31.5” table
  • Master and idler column with rotating mounting plates
  • Pallet jacks for column lifting and relocating
  • Servo-motor, ball screw and encoder control for Up & Down motion
  • Servo-motor, gear reducer and encoder control for Rotation
  • LCD display for positioning set up, safety thresholds setting and diagnostic
  • Automatic load leveling
  • TCS is an innovative system design to memorize sequences of positions for different work pieces. Thanks to its intuitive and user friendly touch screen control, developed by the Sideros Engineering R&D, the operator can execute all the welding operations precisely, quickly and efficiently as well as improving the overall productivity.
  • TCS can memorize up to 1000 positions and it can be interfaced with a remote control system.
  • Redundant safeties – servo motor brake, ball screw thread geometry and mechanical
  • 240/480/600 Volt – 3 phase – 60 Hz

The Sideros 15400 lb Syncrolift Headstock Tailstock Set is perfect for welding large parts for various applications. The main feature of Syncrolift is compactness and portability of both columns with their dedicated hydraulic jacks. The result is extreme flexibility in your facility. This unit is in stock in our Cincinnati Ohio location and ready to ship to your facility.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, give us a call, we may be able to help.  We pride ourselves on finding the perfect welding solution to fit your needs.  Ask us how Weld Plus can streamline your work for increased productivity.

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