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Used Pandjiris Model B Quickset Welding Chuck

  • Part #: CH190610

Used Pandjiris Model B Quickset Welding Chuck

  • Outside clamping diameter 1-1/2 to 40-3/4”
  • Inside clamping diameter  5-1/2” to 44-3/8”
  • Quick-set of 3 jaws with pins
  • Shipping dimensions 38” x 33” x 9”
  • Shipping weight 350 lbs.
  • SN: 11777X31-22

This Used Pandjiris Model B Quickset Welding Chuck has features that make it perfect for pipe welding fabrication shops. It has adjustable quick change reversible jaws that can be positioned for small and large diameter work pieces. This is a heavy duty unit and has a completely enclosed face that prevents flux and weld spatter problems which protect the operation of the pipe chuck.

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