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Watts Specialties W-484 6 Axis CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

  • Part #: WAT W484
  • Condition: New

Watts Specialties W484 6 Axis CNC Pipe Cutting Machine   

  • Outside diameter capacity of 4” to 48”
  • 45’ machine bed with adjustable pipe supports with a capacity of 1,500 lbs per foot for a maximum of 50,000 lbs.
  • Hydraulic controlled lift deck with powered machine conveyor
  • Hydraulically actuated off loader arms to transfer the pipe off the cutting cell
  • 6-axis profiling carriage on precision machined and hardened track.
  • Tracking torch head includes vertical and horizontal tracking mechanism, which maintains torch height and pipe centerline to automatically compensate for out-of-round pipe.
  • Floating pipe clamp with locking mechanism for accurate rotation that eliminates pipe walk.
  • Operator console mounted to profiling carriage used for loading programs and controlling the machine.
  • PypeServer™ software for at-machine (and remote) pipe cut programming and job management.

The Watts Specialties W484 6 Axis CNC Pipe Cutting Machine conveys and rotates pipe from 4” to 48” OD with a 20’-50’ machine bed capable of supporting 1,500 lbs. per foot. Simultaneous motion maintains the torch cutting position along the linear axis of the pipe and perpendicular to the linear axis to perform beveled holes and end cuts. The PypeServer™ software simplifies the importing, design and nesting of parts. By allowing for job tracking in real time the software streamlines job estimating, scheduling and inventory management.  Additional options include: In-feed conveyor system, out-feed conveyor system, offload drive system, storage racks, integrated plasma cutting equipment and Label printer for part management.

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