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Watts Specialties W-132-LPSC Straight Pipe Cutter

  • Part #: WAT W132 LPSC
  • Condition: New

Watts Specialties W132LPSC Straight Pipe Cutter

  • Diameter Capacity of 3” to 32”
  • Length capacity of 20’ with 5 sets of transfer rolls (Additional lengths available at additional pricing)
  • Can support 100 lbs per foot
  • 2-axis torch carriage with manual bevel positioner to set desired torch angle
  • Includes oxy fuel torch and magnetic valve manifold, with plasma interface and wiring
  • Tracking torch head includes vertical tracking mechanism, which maintains torch height and bevel angle to compensate for out-of-round pipe
  • Operator console located on the torch carriage with power, torch and rotation controls.
  • 115V
  • Shipping weight: 1,200 lbs.

The Watts Specialties W132LPSC Straight Pipe Cutter insures straight cuts by utilizing a rotary clamp to draw the pipe into an indexing roller to control pipe walk. Set up for Oxy Fuel cutting, this W-132 straight pipe cutter can cut up to 32” in diameter and has an interface for plasma cutting. The carriage is manually positioned to the desired location and locked into place. The carriage floats on a roller ball standoff to maintain an accurate distance from the pipe surface. Additional accessories include a 2 torch cutting rack, conveyor-loading rack, and integrated plasma cutting equipment. Call 800-288-9414 for additional information on this machine.

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