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Hypertherm MAX 200 Plasma Cutting System

  • Part #: 200-000749

Hypertherm MAX 200 Plasma Cutting System

  • Adjustable output from 40 to 200 amps (200 amps at 100% duty cycle)
  • Maximum cutting capacity: 2”
  • Recommended cutting capacity: 1-1/2”
  • Severance capacity: 2-1/2”
  • Complete Package Includes: 20’ Machine Torch, 70’ Cooling Lines, 70’ ground sensing lead and Inductive HIS control unit.
  • Shipping weight of 950 lbs.
  • 240/480V, 3-PH

The Hypertherm MAX 200 Plasma Cutting System has a 200 amp output that delivers heavy-duty cutting capacity up to 2” thickness on most metals. Adjustable power output from 40 to 200 amps lets the operator precisely match power to cutting requirements. A transistorized power supply maintains constant output current regardless of variations in input voltages or torch-to-work distances, ensuring clean, square cuts throughout the cutting range. The system is dual-gas capable for optimum cut quality on a wide range of metals.  With 70’ of leads and a remote control unit, the power supply can be remounted to a safe distance and still function. The Hypertherm MAX200 plasma cutting system can be used in manual cutting applications as well as automated cutting applications.

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