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HGG CNC Pipe Cutting System

  • Part #: HGG ProCutter

New HGG CNC Pipe Cutting System 

  • Available Models: ProCutter 600 and ProCutter 900
  • Oxy-Fuel, Plasma, Marking and CAD-CAD Interfaces
  • ProCutter 600 pipe diameter range: 2″ to 24″
  • ProCutter 900 pipe diameter range: 2″ to 36″
  • Easy to use touch screen and software
  • High precision pipe rotation with lathe style chuck
  • Maximum safety due to the fully integrated closed action system
  • Compact and simplified design
  • 3D profiling shapes:
    • Chamfer: Pipe to plate connection
    • Rotated Oblong Hole: To fit inserted plates at pipe ends or to create intermediate slots
    • Saddle set-in & hole set-in: For pressure connections with a much smaller branch pipe diameter
    • Saddle PJP: For small sloped and highly dynamic pipe-to-plate connections
  • Complete PipeCutter Brochure

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The HGG CNC Pipe Cutting System incorporates all of HGG’s advanced technology and expertise. In addition, operational excellence is applied to keep costs low. Both ProCutter 600 and ProCutter 900 include oxy-fuel, plasma, marking and CAD-CAM Interfaces. Furthermore, these systems can accommodate pipe diameter ranges from 2″ to 36″. Give Weld Plus a call today to get a personalized quotation. 

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Above all, we encourage you to get a firsthand look at this machine by visiting our 44,000 square foot facility! 

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