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Weld Engineering Flux Recovery & Separator

  • Part #: FRS161105

 Weld Engineering Flux Recovery & Separator

  • Model PFR 3000
  • Weld Engineering 300 lb. hopper
  • Separates out slag from used flux
  • Magnetic particle separator available at additional cost
  • 300 lb. capacity flux tank
  • Pressure tank feeds flux through hose to welding equipment
  • Feeds and recovers from a distance using hoses, leaving clearance for welding equipment
  • Input air: Clean and dry at 70-100 PSI
  • Requires a Weld Engineering “Mighty Mac” vacuum unit
  • Serial# 000033 NC
  • Shipping weight: 300 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions: 3′ long x 3′ wide x 7′ high

This Weld Engineering Flux Recovery & Separator will save valuable flux, help make better welds and produce all-important savings in man hours. When it comes to Flux Recovery Systems, The key word is economy.  Our arc flux recovery equipment not only makes for a neater shop and better-working conditions but they also keep abrasive flux away from moving parts on the welding rig. This arc flux recovery systems is capable of separating out slag (fused flux) and fines (flux flower) returning only the clean reusable flux to the hopper. Call 800-288-9414 for more information and let us provide your welding company with the best vacuum recovery system for your business. Save money recovering unused flux and recycling it for future use! This unit is located at our facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a large inventory of new, used, and refurbished welding equipment that is available at your disposal to facilitate your custom welding application. Stop by and visit us or give the Weld Plus sales team a call for more information on this item.  We know welding!

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